Possible Library Corruption

Hello, this is Ari with Golden Ear Digital looking for help on behalf of a client of mine.

He is running Roon off of a sonicTransporter AP (sTAP).

Certain albums are causing Roon to crash. Clicking on any of these specific albums causes the app to hang up, with the Roon logo wiggling endlessly. Sometimes I can use the back button and continue using Roon as usual. Other times I have to reboot the sTAP.

All of the albums happen to be Opera with very long lists of credits. Some of them were downloaded from HDTracks, others are SACD audio extractions I produced.

All of the albums load and play fine on Windows, Mac and even other sTAP Roon cores.

Roon runs fine on this machine except when trying to browse and/or play tracks from these select few albums.

I suspect we have to completely erase the library database and start from scratch here. How to do that on the sTAP?

Thanks in advance.

I have tagged @support and @agillis for you so this gets noticed quicker.

Thank you, Tony.

Hi @Ari_Margolis ----- Thank you for the feedback here and my apologies for the troubles. To help aide in our evaluation of this behavior may I kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. An expanded description of the user’s setup as seen here.

  2. Can you please verify where the media is being stored and how big of a library the user has based on number of tracks.


Hi @Eric, thanks for your reply.

  1. His Roon Core is a sonicTransporter AP. He has various endpoints on his network including Sonos players and microRendu’s. He uses an iMac and iPad to interface with Roon.

  2. The media is being stored in the storage>music>flac folder on the sTAP’s local storage. Less than 20% of that 2 TB drive is occupied.

In this thread, other users have reported similar issues with the some of the very same files that are causing problems for us here (specifically the Mozart albums mentioned in post number 10 by @hmartin) Android controllers can not open multi-disc album

I have the folder structure nicely organized as follows: [album artist]/[album]/[track. #]. [name] (with file names truncated to 15 characters or fewer.)

Hey @Ari_Margolis – would it be possible for you to grab one of the albums off this system and upload it to Dropbox for us? Please grab the entire folder containing the album and zip it up. If you don’t have Dropbox, let me know and I can give you another way to get the media to us.

If something about the media is causing this issue, that will be the fastest way to move forward.

Grabbing a set of logs (as described here) could also be helpful.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble here!

Thank you, @mike. I will PM you dropbox link.

@agillis, would you be able to help us grab the logs?

Sure just go to sonicorbiter.com -> Manage -> Apps -> Roon Server -> Roon Server diagnostics

press ctrl -a to select everything on the page, ctrl-c to copy, and ctrl-v past it into a text document.

Well, that makes it easy! Thanks man.