Possible little bug in build 988? Edits changing details of track list (e.g. hearts) not immediately visible?

I am seeing this behavior in build 988 both in the Windows remote as well as the Android tablet and phone remotes. I definitely didn’t have this in previous builds, though I am not sure when it changed.

  1. Go to an album in the library
  2. Scroll down to the track list
  3. Edit something that should appear in the track list, such as adding a track to a playlist (if this display is enabled), the heart, or a place of recording.
    → EXPECTED: The change is immediately reflected
    → ACTUAL: It is not. Nothing visibly happens after adding a track to a playlist or adding a place of recording. If clicking the heart, it flickers for a moment and then returns to the previous state.
  4. Go somewhere else, e.g. album view
  5. Click the album again to open it, scroll down to the tracks.
    → ACTUAL AS EXPECTED: The changes are now reflected.

I don’t see this. The new info is immediately shown.

Samsung Tab s2, android 7, Rock.
Sony Xperia XZ2 Android 10

Just tried this with “Add to playlist”. Worked fine for me.
EDIT: Windows 10 Remote.

Thanks. Weird. Mine is a Samsung Galaxy A and a Motorola Moto G8 Power, both Android 10. The Windows remote is running on Wine/Linux, but as I have the same on the mobiles, that probably does not matter.

Thanks, but I can’t see the playlist link in your screenshot because it shows the playlist view. I mean like this, after adding a track to a playlist while viewing the album. In my case, the track is also added to the playlist, but this is only visible after leaving the album and entering it again.

@Suedkiez , apologies; I added the screenshot.

Thanks. So weird, this always worked for me normally until recently, and now the same on 3 different devices :man_shrugging:

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@Suedkiez , I just tested it with Playlists that are owned by me, as well as “Shared” Playlists. I can’t make it error.

Many thanks. One of these things. I’m sure it will disappear just as magically :slight_smile:

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