Possible memory leak issue on Roon/Android)

Just curious if Roon Client on an Android might have a memory leak issue. I have no idea if that’s the actual issue, but the symptoms are in the leak ballpark. The Samsung tablet has nothing running on other than Roon.

I use Roon for hours as I work in my home office. As the hours go by, my Roon app gets slower and slower.

Eventually, the display lags song changes by about 30 seconds. And the app itself becomes unresponsive.

This isn’t really a show-stopper because I just kill and restart the app and all is well again.

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Smoky Titanium) SM-T350NZAAXAR
Server - Windows 10 PC with 64Gb of memory, I5 CPU. Wired ethernet connection
Tablet is on WiFi - router is 5 feet from the Samsung.
Roon endpoint is a Raspberry Pi - connected to network via ethernet cable.