Possible Radio button to toggle DSP via App & DSP landing page niggle


firstly I love Roon! And I’ve managed to convert others too. Superb application for real music lovers.

Roon was the first audio software that let me easily (that bit is important) use DSP to correct a room node I have around 63hz. The node is due to the room size and dimensions but the room’s a funny one and I can’t install treatment.

Using the PEQ in DSP I have the boom dialed into a tight tuneful bass.

The issue I have is when using headphones late at night. I’d really like to be able to toggle DSP off using my phone app (ios). Yeah I can open a laptop to do this, but my main controller is my phone.

I can understand why the advanced dsp settings would be difficult to use with an app, but a simple dsp on/off toggle would be awesome.

Another niggle for DSP is after opening the main DSP page and then clicking and working on a peq graph it would be nice when exiting the graph if I was returned to the main DSP page. Currently after clicking outside the graph you are returned to the main Roon page, meaning if you have more tweaks you have to click the audio zone and DSP again. Not a biggy, but when trialing different curves it would be nice to be kept in the DSP section.



Hi @support,

Is this the proper area to lodge a new feature?



Hi @Rob_O_Donnell ----- Thank you for the post! Very pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying the Roon experience.

Just wanted to touch base to let you know that I have flipped this thread over to the “feature requests” section of the community site :wink:

Happy listening!