Possible Roon setup - input needed

I’m wondering if the following setup would work…

NUC i7 (ROCK-approved configuration)
Synology DS916+
Teac NT-505

I’d like to run Roon server on the NUC, but have the Synology be the location of the music library. NUC and Synology would be connected to the same LAN via Cat6, and the Teac would connect to the NUC via USB.

Would this work? Would the Teac show up as an output zone on the NUC?
Also, could the database reside on the internal flash of the NUC (the same one that holds the Linux OS)?


You could also try the TEAC networked.

Well, that’s what I do now (no NUC), and it’s fine, but I figured the direct USB connection will be a more direct path, plus the Teac allows for higher streaming rates through USB than it does via Ethernet.

According to Roon’s Teac partner page, it says that model works via USB.

Teac released a firmware upgrade for that model in December with some Roon support which might need to be applied if you’re not already on the latest version.


I probably should have set this up a little better :wink:

I have been running my NT-505 quite successfully with Roon for a while now. It runs great. The only thing I’m considering doing differently is transferring Roon server duties from my Synology to a Nuc. If I do that, I have an opportunity to connect the DAC to the Nuc directly via USB rather than over the network.

Connecting via USB allows higher-rate music (specifically DSD256 and PCM 352) to be streamed.

My question is, is this a viable setup, and will the Nuc recognize the Teac as a proper audio device supporting those high rates?

Dear CJ,

Re DSD upsampling: I also changed my setup but from a micro PC (running Windows) and USB DAC connection to a I7 NUC Rock with the “optimized core kit” with USB DAC connection and was surprised not having full upsampling capability. It’s due to compatibility of Linux.

May be the discussion under the following link can help https://community.roonlabs.com/t/does-rock-do-dsd512/

You could look at rpi options to see if that supports the teac. @spockfish Ropieee is probably your best bet.