Possible to connect SMSL-SU8 dac to Nuc/Rock?

I’m interested in purchasing a Nuc and installing rock but am confused as to whether I can then plug my smsl su8 dac via USB straight into the nuc? This will then be connected to my amp.
I not sure it works like this because I think it needs windows drivers to work?.
I control playback etc using my Huawei tablet.
Thanks in advance.

Depends on what you are wanting to play. If you plan on playing DSD then you should ask SMSL if it works with Linux. If not, use Windows and their drivers.

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Thanks, no dsd only flac, I just checked the specs and it states:
USB compability:Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Mac OSX10.6 or Later / Linux
So looks like I’m OK, thanks

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