Possible to have more than one library or selectively import file types?

Hi, my Roon library currently consists of a directory on my Synology NAS to which I have ripped my CD collection in FLAC - it all works beautifully thank you.

I also have an iTunes directory which has that same music on it but stored in AIFF format and some additional tunes in MP3 format from AppleiTunes - these are not currently part of my Roon library as I don’t want to duplicate the FLAC/AIFF tracks.

Is there any way I can either have two libraries and switch between them or is there a way that I can import only the MP3 tracks from the iTunes library (but not the AIFF tracks) ?

Hi @Patrick_Robb ----- Thank you for your question. Before we dive into this can you verify for me if the MP3s you are referencing were downloaded directly from iTunes? The reason I ask is because if they are DRM protected ((Digital rights management) they will not be imported into Roon.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Fair point - some of them will be iTunes and therefore DRM protected - so I guess I can’t get those in Roon - but there are a fair number of tracks/albums that won’t be - how can I just get at them ?

Just to note, Roon should handle these in a sensible manner, by detecting your duplicate albums. More info on that feature here.

There isn’t really a way to do this now. If you scan the folder, Roon will import any media it finds there.

What you can do is use Focus in the track browser to filter your library to only those tracks that are a) from the iTunes folder, and b) are AIFF. Once you’re viewing those tracks, you can select them all and use the “Hide” feature, which is in the Edit menu.

Let us know if that helps!

By “more than one library”, do you mean a second place where music is stored?
Because if thats the case, you can add this second place to your watched folder within Roon.

Regarding the MP3s, I’d either go the way mentioned above or re-categorize your iTunes folder in a way, that all non-DRM files are within one big folder. But this might mess up with your current structure of your library, so thats for you to decide.