Possible to import playlist from Excel?

I’m trying to import a playlist into Roon from an Excel file. The Excel file was created by Roon using its export function. Is there a way to import that Roon-created Excel file to create a Roon playlist? Same files, on same drive, attached to same ROCK NUC. You’re going to want to know why, so…

My ROCK server software shit the bed. I started a support ticket almost a month ago, but the problem isn’t resolved yet. In order to restore Roon functionality, but with a loss of my data (Favorites, play counts, etc.), it was suggested that I rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old” and then restart ROCK. I did that, and ROCK created a new “RoonServer” folder, which made a new instance of my library. That works great, but I miss my data - my Favorites, in particular. By renaming the “RoonServer_old” folder back to “RoonServer” (and renaming the new “RoonServer” folder temporarily to “RoonServer_new”), I was able to keep Roon running stable long enough to export my Favorites as an Excel file. It stayed stable for about 1 minute, but that was more than enough to create the Excel file.

Now that I’m back to the temporary fix library, I’d like to have access to my Favorites list. There are a lot of them, so manually adding them from the Excel file would take a while.

Thank you for any help you might provide.