Possible to sell my HQ Player License

Regarding HQPlayer licenses, the Desktop version is non-transferable. Except for some cases where a device is provided with pre-installed licensed HQPlayer, in such cases it is hardware locked and not registered to a name/email pair and the license goes with the device if you sell it.

Embedded version is non-transferable when purchased from my web shop (DIY license). In most cases if you purchased entire device that comes with HQPlayer Embedded license, it is transferable together with the device, so if you sell the device the license goes with it, just like any other hardware product. If your computer breaks gets fixed and as result fingerprint changes, you can get a new license key for it as long as it doesn’t happen frequently (subject to history evaluation when requested).

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HI, Iv’e moved HQPlayer first from a Mac to a Windows machine and I’m now about to move an embedded version using Sonicorbiter, from the UK, so no licence with it. Can I use any of my existing keys or do I need a new version, if so at what cost And is there a discount for existing users?

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HQPlayer Embedded has a different license from HQPlayer Desktop. Re. discount, I don’t think it exists, but you can ask Jussi at Signalyst.

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