Possible to turn off "Roon Radio" after playback completely?

I realize I can switch off “Start after the music ends” in the queue window, but I have turned that off, multiple times, on multiple Roon systems, and for some reason it keeps coming back.

When it does continue playback, if I forget to stop playback (which I do, often), then it will just keep playing. That would be fine, except that I have and heavily use last.fm, and all those tracks get recorded there.

I also don’t really like those random tracks filling my history, since I use that often as well.

Ideally I’d like it if that toggle setting was aggressively persistent, never automatically turning itself on again.

If I do turn it back on, I’d prefer if it only lasted for the current session or until playback stopped. I’d basically like it to default to the opposite ‘assumption’ it currently has. If it suggested I opt-in to continuing radio after the track ended, that would be wonderful, so I could hear more if I wanted to; but I don’t want it to be automatic.

Failing that, I would like to ensure that these automatically played tracks are not submitted to last.fm.



I don’t think that’s normal for your setting to change. Once I set Roon Radio to off after playing the queue, it stays that way. Note that this must be set for each endpoint/zone.

It should be, but it can change under specific circumstances

Makes sense.

I agree with many responses in that thread. My expectation is that this should not be a device-level setting, but rather a user level.

It appears to “change” for me precisely because I remember turning it off recently, then add or switch to a device where I haven’t turned it off, and it’s back on. I play with DACs and other devices frequently so that’s very common. Also, infrequently Roon will lose track of a given DAC and I need to add it again.

All that to say, setting this per device makes it unpredictable to me. I think it should be at the user/global level regardless of device.

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I agree, this feature needs to be settable on a global level.
For those like me not interested in roon radio and who will never wish to see it again.

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