Post a song with the NAME of a GIRL in the title!

(Dick Vliek) #1

Back in the 80’s when I was a paperboy, I did my paperrounds with a sony walkman

I soon got bored with only one or two albums from the same artist, so I started making mixtapes. It was my teenage years so all I owned was very lo-fi and making mixtapes was very timeconsuming (record to tape or tape to tape). But it was great fun! Nowadays you just make a playlist :grinning:

One of the mixtapes (was it a TDK SA-90 tape, or was that later?) was a tape with girlsongs, that is all songtitles were girlnames (and all songs were about girls, not just a songtitle which happens to be a girlname too).

Ahh good memories, I’m curious what you can come up with! I’ll start:

(Mike) #2

(Dick Vliek) #3

@mike. Hope this is not too soon after your “COLOR” thread…

(Mike) #4

The more the merrier! :slight_smile:

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(Mr Fix It ) #11

Roxanne is another.


(David Orgel) #13

(Sean) #14

I shed a tear as I post this because I have fond memories of a girl called Charlene I once knew :cry:

Doesn’t help that it’s a sad song about a breakup too lol

(Dick Vliek) #15

Well, if only those pics were direct links to the song on Tidal too…

(David Orgel) #16

(Kevin Kropp) #17

(Kevin) #18

(Mike) #19

Admit it – you just sang “Little ditty about…” to yourself…

(Ben) #20

I feel vaguely as though I am cheating for some reason, but:

I actually like the way this sounds better in Russian, but I don’t think I have an actual file of a Russian version at the moment.

Also I believe this is the first time I’ve ever used the image sharing feature in Roon for real instead of as a test.