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“Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it”

Excluding other social media sites, I’d really like to connect my listening experience with followers by being able to post directly to Twitter - for example the current artist/album/track I’m listening to etc. Is a Tweet Button likely to feature at some stage in the future?

Hi Maree,
I can’t comment on having a Twitter (or Facebook button for that matter). However Roon does support scrobbling to LastFM, which is a dedicated music focused site.

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Thanks, Carl. Yes I already scrobble to LastFM but was wondering specifically about Twitter as there are times when I’d like to share with others what I’m currently listening to rather than a stream of listening information. Of course there are numerous social media sites but I’m assuming a direct tweet that states for example, current listening wouldn’t encroach on copyright issues and such… and an automatic mention of @roonlabs couldn’t be a bad thing? :slight_smile:

What would you like the tweet to say?

Thanks for your replies. Something along the lines of:

[editable text/Listening to] Song title, Artist Name, from Album Name [roon info such as @roonlabs the music player for music lovers or Rediscover Your Music Library #roon etc]

Listening to Romeo had Juliette, Lou Reed, New York @roonlabs the music player for music lovers #knowyourmusic

This is what you get when you click Share on a song when you’re in the Tidal app and then select Twitter.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg, I don’t have Tidal so I’m not familiar but yes, that sort of thing :slight_smile:

#NowPlaying ‘song’ by ‘artist’ on my @roonlabs zone ‘zone’. Get Roon now! #GoldenEars discount – 30% off!!! #Roon #RoonLabs #RoonifyYourLife

Hmmm… Not sure.


is there still no way to share songs on social media like we can inside of Tidal?

Not as yet though a recent (Aug 10) Roon Labs tweet indicated that a ‘Twitter/Facebook share feature’ is being worked on :slight_smile:

working hard on it… we want to get this feature right… it’ll be one of the best share features you’ve ever seen :slight_smile:


@danny besides indeed that awesome share functionality (twitter, facebook etc.), It would be great if there would be some kind of community based sharing purely inside the Roon ecosystem.

Discovering new music that you don’t have in your collection can be a lot of fun, and being in contact with other Roon users can help with that.

we’ve thought of doing roon-only social features… those will come once the community is bigger i think… internet radio has an internal ‘ecosystem’/community of users posting comments about songs if you want to see what that functionality looks like. fyi…

example link to user comments per each song on the playlist: