Post goes missing?…

Do queries here go missing? I sent one up this morning at 7:30 MDST. At lunch I checked back and it is not here. Do the mods remove things… or is it just me.

This post ?

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They do sometimes move posts if they are in the wrong section or merge them with similar posts if a query has been answered/asked before. Sometimes a title can be changed to better reflect the post contents.
Your last post is titled, ‘A Couple of Questions…’ about 7 hours ago, was that it?

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Yes this is the missing query. Where did it go? Why is it ignored… It is a simple enough request for someone who ‘knows’ to reply to.

It didn’t ‘go’ anywhere, just slipped down the timeline as it is 7 hours old.

You can always find your posts, and everything else you’ve done in forum, by looking in your profile.

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Thank you…

It has remained entirely unmolested so far as I can tell. Why do you think something happened to it ?

I don’t know why no one has responded to it. Roon staff respond mainly to Support posts, other Roon users respond to posts generally.

I’ve looked at the post and it may be that you are asking questions about design of the software that other users may feel unqualified to answer.

It isn’t really a support question, so Support probably won’t respond. They have full plates.

It isn’t being actively ignored. It’s probably that no one who has read it (as yet) knows the answer. Fairly esoteric and none impactful, IMO.

Be patient, there are plenty of know-it-alls here, someone will get to you.

By the way, I asked where was the best place to post factual questions about the Roon app. Here’s what Mike said:

“I think those should go in #roon and you can tag @support – that way they can answer or flag stuff for me, Brian, or Danny, as needed. Then the #support category remains focused on “not working as designed”.”

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Thank you John, I will ask my question there.

Hi Rodney,
You already have … but you may wish to edit it and add the @-support tag (without the ‘-’) to attract the attention of the Roon support guys.