Post installation login fails

I’ve installed Roon, but cannot login using a newly created free trial account. AV is disabled. Firewall is open for Roon, but no luck. Tried Roon Server, which is identified by iOS Roon, but connecting fails with a ‘network error: please check your internet connection’ message. Looks like something on my network is blocking access. Either way an inauspicious start to the 14 day trial!

I’ve a standard setup with cable router, PowerLine Ethernet into a 64 bit Windows 10 PC. No other connectivity problems.
Any ideas?

These can be flaky … are you able to by pass as a test?

Afraid not. This is the only connection to this PC; it doesn’t even have WiFi. I can try to run on a MacBook Pro using WiFi or Ethernet to the router. Would the log files be helpful?

I can install and login from a MacBook running from the same PowerLine Ethernet. Suggests it’s something do with Windows!

You will need to allow traffic for Roon(server) and RAATserver.

For testing purposes, you may want to disable the firewall entirely and re-enable when things are running OK.

Not sure what I did, but it’s now working. Thank you!

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