Post Your Favorite "Go To" Album

Do you have a favorite album that you just can’t get enough of? This is mine. I saw Billy Stewart live at a NC State University fraternity concert in 1966 or 1967. Unfortunately, he was killing in an automobile accident in 1970.

I play this album almost every day.


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Ooh, it’s really tough to pick one.

When I want to shut the world out here’s one I’ve turned to again and again for many, many years (preferably with the lights off). I never get tired of it.


Saw them playing live at the Albert Hall, hearing it reminds me of staying up late as a child with my departed father and departed elder brothers to watch the fuzzy Apollo pictures from the moon.


London Calling, The Clash

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Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon


I just checked that out on Qobuz. Very cool album! :+1:

Saturn :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reminder, it’s been ages since I listened to Public Service Broadcasting. You also prompted me to grab a couple of their EPs from Qobuz that I hadn’t heard before :slight_smile:

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John Martyn. Solid Air.


hard to pick one but this would have to be a contender. Amazing live album…

If it’s your go to album, you don’t need to pick it. It will be obvious.

Couldn’t believe what I heard in '82/'83, I was 15/16 and it blew every song/album away I heard before.