Post your multilingual songs here

I had the idea to post songs with multilingual lyrics (i.e. lyrics that contain at least two languages).

As a friend of languages and international understanding, it is very interesting for me what others have to offer.
It doesn’t matter what style this kind of music has.

Of course, this matter is also a little political. I think that songs written in different languages are basically political. But this should not be the topic here.

We are all human beings, we are all equal and we are here in the Roon Community because we are all interested in music.

Be philanthropic and not misanthropic.

My first answer (there are many more, of course, but these will come from time to time):


Languages are:

  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian
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Here’s a little humoresque from Christmas 30 years ago…

Danglish at its worst/best.

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One of my favorites (track and of course album)…

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I think this is a very controversial song, but I am German and the band is from Canada. So I hope it’s ok. You have to deal with the history of your nation. But I am not a sympathizer of this time!
It’s only the intro that is in german language. The rest is english.
This song goes in the direction of (progressive) punk/hardcore. But I think that the song was implemented in a certain way.

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