Posts Being Flagged - Post Needs Approval by a Moderator

Is this a new feature in order to post???

Not new… this happens from time to time, for example if you inadvertently use a ‘banned’ word in your post. The system just identifies those words, but can’t put them in semantical context. This is what the mods are supposed to do…

Interesting…I’m trying to figure out what word may have been banned from this verbiage I recently posted…

Charles Stepney is one of those artists whose name may not be common currency, but whose music is at the bedrock of sounds everyone’s heard. As a house producer for Chess Records, a freelancer and the innovator of the lush orchestral arrangement style known as Baroque Soul, the Chicago native produced, composed, arranged or played on dozens of records for the likes of Earth Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis, Terry Callier, Minnie Riperton, the Rotary Connection, Deniece Williams, the Dells, Eddie Harris, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf before his untimely death in 1976. Stepney had always planned to do a solo album, which he intended to title Step on Step, and now, through the efforts of his three daughters, that album has finally arrived, if not exactly in the form its author intended.

~Michael Toland [The Big Takeover]

Can only assume it may be the word “death” relating to the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and a flagged thread in the community forum relating to it. Thanks for the heads up.

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It’s “Harris”. The US VP. US Political figures are on the list of watched words requiring approval of the post. The forum system automatically flags such posts for moderator approval…


Makes sense now. This warning is a first for me in all the years I’ve been posting here. Thanks to all for the clarifications.


That’s where automation can be a serious detractor because a human moderator would have understood context and allowed the post to proceed.

And that’s why it is only flagged by the system for human review :sunglasses:


Just a note concerning the function of this feature…the “Delete” button does not work. I posted and subsequently elected to use the “Delete” button afforded me twice after each warning message popped up. However, both deleted posts were approved and posted in the thread anyway. Therefore my original post was duplicated which was certainly not my intention at all.

Hi @jb76,

The system works … it was more timing issue.

I saw the flag, reviewed your post and approved it. Whilst I was doing that you were deleting it and reposting (presumably to see if the second attempt would work).

With both you and myself unwittingly stepping on each other’s toes we ended up in a muddle … which was compounded as we had the same here which trigger another flag … it was hard to keep up with repeat posting that’s all …

What’s subsequently happened is that the duplicate post that was sitting in the review queue (but no longer flagged as requiring action) was inadvertently approved, and that’s why we ended up with the two posts showing … but all is now resolved, I’ve removed that second post.


Going back to the process, we used to have the forum configured to automatically forbid these “trigger” words… and that did create issues as commented on above … there was no context checking involved. Hence, following member feedback the moderators discussed and we agree to switch it over to this flag/moderator review process which by and large works well … but of course having a human element does introduce a delay before the false positives are approved and become visible.

No system is perfect but we feel this process strikes the right balance in helping to maintain the forum.


Appreciate the clarification Carl. Like I said before, this warning was a first for me. I thought maybe it was a new feature. Or worse yet, I had been put on some sort of probation for something I had posted previously that upset the powers that be. But now that I know, I will be more understanding and patient in the future. Thanks again.

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