Posts removed...?

There seem to be comments disappearing from here - does the roon forum have DRM?

Yea, also noticed some friendly chat getting removed, didn’t expect that from Roon mods

We will remove / edit posts to remove content that violates the community guidelines. Mostly antagonistic and/or off-topic posts. We won’t catch it all, but if it creates problems, we will go back and clean things up.

This is especially the case in heated topics such as MQA and Ethernet cables.

If you feel that your post was incorrectly removed/edited, please PM the moderators.

Any way of knowing which moderators deleted them / how to message them.

As for the removal of these ones - they were about cardboard boxes. Didn’t realise that violated your guidelines. Seems frankly ridiculous to me.

I asked for this in a PM, but if you’d like to do it out here in public, I can do that.

The topic in question was related to MQA unfolding in Roon. The discussion was about MQA unfolding and how some devices needed Roon’s assistance to do the unfold and others did not.

Earlier in the topic, a discussion of pricing was being conducted and someone stated that “we are all rich audiophiles”.

A small group of people made 6 posts related to how they we’re not rich audiophiles and instead used cardboard boxes fill of glass wool as bass traps. You responded: “when we were growing up, we dreamed of cardboard boxes. We’d have to get up half an hour before we went to bed”

I removed the posts that started this topic deviation as they provided nothing of value (the ones about being rich audiophiles). While your post was meant as humor in that deviation, it also got removed as it had no value to stand on its own, and the surrounding context was removed as off topic.

Another option was to move the posts to another new topic, but they didn’t have enough content of value to do so.

Stay on topic, especially in topics that create extra long threads.

I kind of agree, it was not like we talked about sports or something. Moderating is fine, but it should be focused on destructive talk (flaming etc), not friendly jokes. But if you want a sterile and boring forum, this is the way to go.


Thanks. I’m sorry my posts add no value. And that everything here has to.

As for asking for this in a PM you asked me to PM the “moderators”. There isn’t a group called “moderators” so I wasn’t sure how to do so.

Most of your posts do add value. You are highly engaged and a valuable part of this community. No one could argue that. We all get dragged down in silly side conversations however.

There is a group called moderators. Just start a new message and type moderators in the destination input.

If the topic was something else, I would have let it slide. But mqa unfolding is already full of too much nonsense.

No matter, its not a big deal. I’ll try to behave :slight_smile: