Potential customer has questions & suggestions from trial (2 of 2)

All, I am new to the community with a few days left on (what I feel is too short of a) trial period. I posted a suggestions list, now I have some questions about Qobuz integration and best practices.

I started a few test playlists, choosing in each case the highest quality versions of songs (which was never my personal copies from iTunes library that live on my NUC). I did not however add them to my library for the tests, not sure which direction I was going, what the rules were for trial (Doing trial of Qobuz at moment), etc. So:

  1. Is it best practice to download to NUC in each case? I know that Qobuz has their own store, but if I have subscription to their service, and download the songs, will it go to my NUC and play that way? I assume this would be best since the NUC and Roon are so robust vs. streaming from cloud.
  2. I was streaming a playlist of Qobuz songs yesterday to my Denon device in the garage (Ethernet connection). The songs kept stopping after one or two and I would have to walk into house and hit play again via iPad controller. This is strange to me as I have been playing throughout the house and it has never stopped playing before on any other devices. I also play from Apple Music/iTunes out there and it plays continuously.
  3. Lastly, I was building a jazz playlist to match one I have built previously on iTunes, and for some reason Roon was not able to locate an album “Miles Davis, Kind of Blue” which is definitely included in Qobuz library if you go to web version and look it up. So I am not sure why it failed to locate this, unless there are some limitations from various labels or with the trial itself.

Not sure why that is - a Roon search for me turned up a copy in both Qobuz and Tidal as well as the 2 versions I have on my SSD.

I think this is a question for @support #support

  1. if you buy a track from qobuz then you can download it, you can’t download streaming tracks to roon only to the native qobuz app.
  2. Without further details of your servers and network impossible to speculate.
  3. There seems to be a problem searching for this album for some users, there is a thread started on it this weekend. Probably have to wait for support to get into the office on Monday for answers :slight_smile:

I can find Kind of Blue quite easily. Not sure why some cannot. There are no limitations of the trial it’s fully featured.

You cannot download files from Qobuz streaming platform on any 3rd party application this goes for Tidal, Spotify, infact all of them. This is due to copyright and the need for the materials to be encrypted when downloaded via the services apps.

Playback issues are hard to say what the cause is. Depends on many things. Was this Qobuz or local music?

Hi @Karl_Mayhew,

We had a brief issue that our team has resolved today — You should be able to find this without issue now.

Downloading tracks from a streaming service for offline play does not work in Roon. If you purchase albums from Qobuz and download those that will work, but content available from your subscription cannot be played offline.

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Do you experience with with any other zones?

MZ-V7S250B/AM 970 EVO Plus 250GB SSD
Remote: MW742LL/A
Networking: Modem provided by IP with four Ethernet outputs distributed to different areas (office, living room, family room, attic) then further switching done to distribute to each device - not sure on details, but works for around 12 devices very consistently
Devices: Denon DRA-800H
Library, copied everything over to NUC + streaming from Qobuz

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Hi @Karl_Mayhew,

Thanks for those details!

How were you outputting to the Denon, was it using Airplay / Chromecast or do you have the Denon hooked up via another method to the Core (USB / HDMI)?


I’m adding a new item here per Rebecca at Roon:

Here is the note I originally submitted to your system:

Roon is not seeing songs that I just purchased from Qobuz. In troubleshooting this, I can see the songs living on the core (see snip). And I can play them by double-clicking (opens windows default player Groove Music), and I can see tracks 4-9, the artwork, the booklet, etc, but it will not show tracks 1-3. I took the additional step of changing the setting to show hidden albums, tracks, etc., but that did not reveal the missing tracks. Album is: Bill Evans Trio - Portrait In Jazz - 192/24 flac. I also tried just rebooting and restarting everything. Hope you have a solution, not off the to the best start!

Here is the snip:

I notice from your screenshot that this album shows as “Unidentified” in your library. Which is a little odd, because this album appears to be known to Roon.

Can you try manually identifying the album to see if that improves matters? - Click on the “Unidentified” link; that will open the Album Editor screen, then click on the Identify button to see if you can get a better match.


As a non subscriber, have you seen the Black Friday $1 for 3 month offer? See forum header you will eligible I guess

Extend your trial for a dollar , no brainer…

I saw that yesterday and tried, but you have to set up an account to do the 14 day trial, and cannot have an existing account to do the Black Friday price.

Norris, sorry realized I answered your question about denon connection incorrectly (I answered from your list of options instead of the actual answer). The denon in my garage that I was having trouble with is connected via Ethernet, not AirPlay as I originally answered.

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Sorry to raise your hopes , that seems a bit unfair , if you are still interested ask , they may well say yes as you haven’t strictly been a customer as such . try @Accounts

My mum said “Them as don’t,don’t get , them, as asks don’t deserve”

Perverse Lancashire Logic

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Yes, but are you using Airplay over Ethernet to connect to the Denon? What does the Settings > Audio screen in Roon say for the Denon?

Hi @Karl_Mayhew,

Thanks for letting us know you’re using Airplay in this case.

Is the Denon connected to a managed or unamanged switch? Would you by any chance know the model/manufacturer?

I ask because managed switches are trickier to get working properly with Roon, if you are able to temporarily bypass the networking gear and connect to the modem, that may be a worthwhile test.

Are tracks 1-3 by any chance identified under another album? I would do a sort by Storage Location using Roon’s Focus feature and see if you can locate the tracks that way:

OH, I see - here you go: image

I believe it is connected directly to the modem/router combo provided by cable company. BUT, I just remembered something: I wired that ethernet cable myself and had a HECK OF A TIME getting all those little wires in the male part for crimping. Now, my assumption this whole time is it either works or doesn’t. But I suppose it is possible it is an intermittent connection creating the issue (in which I would hate - and think it is impossible - for you to have to try and troubleshoot that). I may need to buy a pre manufactured length and redo that.

Thanks for the idea on searching for those missing tracks, I will try and see if I can find them another way and report back. Someone earlier noticed my screen grab showed as “unidentifiable” but it is not today, so not sure if that is a self-correction being done in the system? but I did not “map” it back to match up in the roon system

You can also buy a small Ethernet test unit , it shows all eight cores and passes current to show a continuity light

I found this very useful for testing wall plates , it was quite cheap


This is a South African site , under $10

I am really scratching my head here - I already showed that I own these - the missing files are in same location as found - they are not corrupt (play in other apps). I tried to filter like you showed using focus. There is another copy - and seems like more than a coincidence it is the ONLY title found in “qobuz library” (a location/folder I cannot locate anywhere). But what can I do about it? I am not sure where “qobuz library” lives, nor can I see these two albums together in one place where I could try merging them. When I go to Versions, I can only see the one I purchased with missing tracks, and all the ones qobuz has to stream…but not the other filtered copy (see snips)

I moved into a new house a number of years back. Almost every room had “cat6” run to it. I found a number of the terminations to be wrong or faulty. Would cause the switches to flip from gigabit to 100 mbit and from full-duplex to half-duplex. Broke all kinds of things but especially streaming. Web browsing worked decently though. No excuse why a “professional” left without testing everything but it does go to show even the “professionals” are never 100% (which is why they are supposed to test their work). I’ve been crimping ends for a couple decades but I much prefer next day delivery to avoid the frustration :wink: Good luck… and good remembering.