Potential customer has questions & suggestions from trial

All, I am new to the community with a few days left on (what I feel is too short of a) trial period. Having read through the community, I could not locate these specific topics, with one exception, and it seemed to be old and is not what I am seeing. I was going to make one long list, but I will break into two or three based on your topic categories. This is for feature suggestions of a newbie:

  1. The user should be able to use artwork of their own choosing to display their playlists (currently the system seems to show four album covers from tracks within the playlist itself)
  2. Use should be able to select multiple tracks at a time. I have built a few test playlists so far, and it is very cumbersome to do them one at a time. This is the one topic I found something on, but it seems to be old information, as the behavior is not as pictured, described in this article: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/faq-how-do-i-select-songs-or-albums-what-can-i-do
  3. Roon should warn user if they add a song to a playlist that already exists in the playlist (to avoid adding duplicates)
  4. Roon should have Discogs integration re: once a user links their discogs library to Roon, a variety of small icons could show up for each song, illustrating that you own this copy in your library, by type (e.g. vinyl, CD, etc.). I picture that being an option that could be turned off or on by the user.
  1. correct you can’t do it - if you want that add it as a feature request though tit has been asked for before.
  2. you can select multiple tracks, what OS and interface are you having problems with?
  3. It doesn’t - again it’s been asked for - you can get playlists to show you duplicates so you can tidy up afterwards.
  4. long topic - read the forums - lots of conversations about it. But you posted about it on your last “trial”

I am using the Windows 10 version I installed on a PC. But shoot, now I see I have to hold the mouse button for like two seconds to get that feature to activate - so riddle solved on this one - thanks!

you right click to select the first track then left click for subsequent tracks.