Potential Mac hardware upgrade

My current Roon server is my 2013 iMac - i7 processor, 32 gb memory, and Thunderbolt Drobo (about 9000 uncompressed albums).

Do you think that the new iMac Pro will run Roon that much better?

SSD in your current iMac?

Yes, 256 and running out of space…

Since you already have a SSD, I would say it will be slight improvement in Roon performance. Not worth the bizzilion dollars the iMac Pro goes for.

If anyone wants a thrill, go price out a fully loaded iMac Pro at apple.com. Truly mind-boggling. I guess if you’re in a situation where you need a super high performance Mac and can’t wait for the forthcoming useful Mac Pro?

Anyway, the space gray is nice.

Not sure an 18-core Xeon W processor buys you much if you’re looking to run Roon core.

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I’d love one…even a baseline model…just PM me and I’ll tell you where to send it :wink:

What do you mean by better ?

Is the present one slow ?
Or you looking at better SQ ?

Or is it actually more storage you’re looking for ?

Don’t get me wrong — I’d love one, too, but the price point is shocking, even for someone who’s purchased top-of-the-line Macs for the last 30 years. For $13K, I’d like to see a little more upgradability.

At this point, though, I guess I should be glad I no longer have a professional reason to “need” one of these. I’ll let the youngsters worry about the cost and continue on happily using my pokey 5K iMac.

What I could really use, though, is a quad-core i7-based Mac mini at a competitive (in Apple terms) price.

Roon produces very little load for a modern computer- your current iMac shouldn’t be struggling to run roon at all. The iMac pro would run it without breaking a sweat, either, but it’s COMPLETE overkill just to run roon! :grinning:

also can’t believe the prices people are paying for the space grey mouse and kb on ebay- i’ve seen actual sales on there over $1500! just for mouse/kb!!