Potential perf problem with SonicTransporter

The SonicTransporter, which is a Linux based server and uses a minimal processor, performs well during normal use.

I have had a feeling that it is a little slow when I edit metadata, like modifying fields on an album. Think it takes a little long to come back when I hit Save. But I’m not sure.

But something else has happened that may be related to perf issues. I’m playing music, the iPad has fallen asleep. When I start up the iPad, it needs to re-establish connection to the Roon server. (Btw, I have complained before about the screen flash and slight pause when this happens.) But when it does that, music play hickups. Goes silent for a brief moment and then continues.

I am pretty sure this has repeated, but I will continue with testing and reproducing.

Have you guys seen this? Is it because Linux is not good at multi-tasking? I don’t mean Linux itself, but the software framework, like Xamarin? Or is it because the processor in the SonicTransporter is minimal?

Hmmm, this might be better in the SGC section. I’ve wondered about minimal processors and Roon. It is fairly demanding.

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I’d be surprised if it’s cpu related (not ruling it out, but writing content isn’t exactly CPU intensive). I have found savings edits to be painfully slow on occasion, especially if it’s a 2+ cd set. I don’t get why it takes so long to save other than I suspect some of the data isn’t retrieved from servers until you hit the save button. In its present incarnation time taken to save edits/ manually identified albums is the key bottleneck determining how many unidentified albums I can deal with in a given timeframe.

Saving edits is a major problem in Roon regardless of core machine performance, as far as I can see. When you have 1000 unidentified albums and saving an identification takes 2 minutes, the whole procedure becomes simply impossible… :confounded:

Maybe, not sure if the edit perf is different in the Linux box.

But the hickup on connection is definitely new, and serious. @mike any thoughts?

Same as Windows, experienced same issue on both.

I also experience this lost connection and drop out in music.