Power bank alternatives to Allo USBRIDGE

Wich powerbanks should I use to power both sparky and Usbridge individualy removing jumper 28??

Personally I would recommend just using a single power supply (either AC-to-DC or USB powerbank)… instead of using separate.

I like the Mophie powerbanks. I’ve seen a couple online reviews where someone took some powerbanks apart and Mophie’s had the best build quality so I’ve just stuck with them since (not a scientific evaluation on my part, just finger in the air kind of thing). I think Apple sell Mophie too, so I assume Apple are happy with their quality.

I use this:

Tha you very muchas!!

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If you have access to Amazon, save yourself $40 (rose gold) -

Any opinion if batteries, or a power bank would be better to power a digi-one signature player-

I’ve tried a power bank vs. cheap plug - and wasn’t aware of an audible difference.

I had been considering buying the Shanti power, but now nervous this wouldn’t be a good investment

I’m using the Shanti with the USBridge Signature with optional DigiOne Signature board installed. It’s nice having separate 5V feeds for the RPi main board and the DigiOne Sig. The Shanti is fairly huge…bigger than it looks in the photos. Seems to be solid and well built. I think it’s worth the cost, although I wish shipping to the US was a bit more reasonable. :slight_smile:

Slight necro here.

My Shanti PSU finally showed up after a month and a few days (2 day priority) from Chicago Distributors after getting caught up in the whole USPS (no fault of the USPS or Chicago Distributors though) debacle [Moderated].

The difference between this and the standard wall plug to dirty and a battery pack to clean is bonkers. If anyone is on the fence about grabbing the Shanti, hop off and order one ASAP. I thought it sounded good before, but this is just something else.

Also, it is huuuuuge.

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