Power Conditioning Discussion

I see you use RGPC for power conditioning. The whole subject of power conditioning is so mixed, i.e. there are so many apparently good new power conditioners on the market, and also a good number of experts who counsel no conditioning at all (including apparently a major company’s room at a recent major show), but just going straight out of the wall. I am using RGPC for my low-draw components, with amp and subs coming out of the wall. Have you tried other (or no) power conditioning compared to RGPC? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Jim Heckman

I guess I’d fall into the category of believer with respect to power conditioners . I confess a certain lack of objectivity on RGPC products since I live in New Orleans and until Katrina RGPC’s office was a few blocks away from me in The Garden District . I think they produce a good product fairly priced but I use a number of different conditioners/power supplies for various equipment sometimes in combination . Much of my digital equipment is powered by linear power supplies from YFS which in turn are plugged into a Burmeister power conditioner . My power amps , each of which require to separate AC connections , use customized , non-current limiting conditioners from Audio Prism and RGPC conditioners for everything else . If I had to say what is most important and made the biggest difference in terms of AC quality , it probably wouldn’t be any of the above . It would be using dedicated , high quality outlets ( from PS Audio for example ) and reducing line noise by " splitting the rails" of a 220 circuit for quasi-balanced operation . Just my opinion but a competent ,smart electrician who understands high end audio’s requirements is far more cost effective than after the fact , power conditioning/regulation .