Power consumption on remotes by using lock screen control

Enyone expiriencing high power consumption by using lock screen control on remotes? Using aswell IPad Pro and Android.

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Same issue here, Roon core on a Hp T530 running linux, 128GB ssd. 8GB ram, wired ethernet to router. Local library is on a Nas and also have qobuz studio and tidal premium subs
My phone is an LG V30. It will drain 20% in an hour either using it as a remote or as an endpoint. I can play youtube music for 8 hours without it using that much.

Lock screen controls require keeping an open connection with your Roon Core, which is why it’s normal to see additional battery usage with them enabled. And that’s also why we made lock screen controls optional in Settings > Setup > Enable Lock Screen Controls. Hope this clears things up!

Thanks. Figured that out already. Killed the battery on my Samsung S8 wich was due to replace . Now I am happy with my new S21 ultra with works much more responcive with Roon.

I haven’t noticed a big difference on my iPad (7th gen). I rarely use my iPhone 12 Pro as a remote, so can’t say either way with it.