Power cut seems to reset Roon volume to 100

Is this normal? If so, is it wise?

Twice this week we’ve had the power cut out at the switchboard. I’ve reset it &, some time later, pressed play in Roon & the volume had reset to 100!!

The first time I didn’t think to check it before pressing play because… Well, why would you? I didn’t give it a second thought. Just another bit of random weirdness.

The second time, the penny dropped as the circumstances were a repeat so next time I’ll know but is Roon supposed to do that? It could easily have damaged my speakers, had the amp been turned up higher.

I’m not sure what is causing this. Sounds like a bug, but this is why Roon recommends setting volume limits for all of your zones.

Still, it’s disconcerting. Hopping Roon Support can help you find a solution.

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Well, I guess the first thing to think about is whether or not it’s expected behaviour. After that I can be looking limits. I only ever have my music on at very low volumes, the amp is on low & Roon is usually between 25-45, so even with Roon at 100, it’s horrible but unlikely to do any damage. Other users might have a different experience, though, so maybe worth flagging.

May just be a problem at my end. We shall see.

I have never had the volume default to 100%, but I have had the Roon volume slide toward 100% all by itself.
Maybe this will help you.
Issue with Endpoint Defaulting to 100% Volume on Server Restart (ref#PITP3I)

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What are you end points? I have had it do this when using Ropieee and Hifiberry AMP2 boards but nothing else.

Well, my set-up is:

Apple MacBook Pro (15" 2017)
Ventura 13.6
3.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Western Digital 18TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive (Music library storage)

Virgin Media Hub 3 set to modem mode…
ASUS ZenWiFi AX router connected to laptop via cat-6 ethernet cables.
Virgin Media M350 Fibre Broadband

Raspberry Pi 4b with Allo BOSS DAC connected to router via ethernet & to analogue amp via standard phono.

Does that help?

Ropieee rings a bell. I think I flashed the micro SD in the Pi with that. (Not very audio-tech-savvy as you can tell.)

The only other thing that I haven’t specifically mentioned is that when the power goes off, the external hard drive shuts down, I get the “disk not ejected properly” message & the laptop switches to battery power.

So you using volume on the BOSS dac or Roons DSP volume to control volume on the endpoint ? Normally it would be set to 100% or fixed as DACS are designed for line level output and volume would be controlled via the amplifiers controls as you have two attenuators in the chain.

Well, you’re using terminology that I’m not familiar with, so I’ll explain in my idiot language & hopefully it will make sense.

The amp (is that the end point?) is set to a fairly low level. This never gets touched.

I use the volume slider in the Roon app, (either on my laptop or on my phone), to control the volume while I’m listening.

I have no idea about the Pi & the DAC. I’ve never knowingly seen a volume control for those, I just assembled it, flashed the card & plugged the plugs into it.