Power supply for HiFiBerry Amp2?

Thanks to advice from folks on this forum I’m now the proud owner of a couple of HiFiBerry Amp2s that will replace Sonos units. The Amp2s will drive 6ohm ceiling mounted speakers.

I can’t identify a suitable power supply that I’m confident is the right voltage (I think 18-20v?) and has the correct barrel adapter. Can anyone recommend something that’s working for them here in the UK?

Thanks in advance

“You only need a single 12-24V power supply to power the Raspberry Pi and the Amp2. With 4 Ohm speakers, we recommend 12-18V. Higher operating voltages are only recommended with 8 Ohm speakers. However, even with 8 Ohm speakers an 18V power supply is the best choice in our opinion.”

XP Power 19V dc Power Supply, 65W, 3.42A VEC65US19


Thanks for the quick replies. I’ve seen the HiFiBerry comment on this but was looking for a source as I couldn’t find any suitable supplies. Thanks @Martin_Webster - can I just confirm this has the correct barrel size for the Amp2?

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It comes with a 5.5mm barrel connector; same for IQaudiO Pi-Digi Amp and the HiFiBerry Amp2.


But you may want to go for this alternative which is recommeded by HiFiBerry:


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Perfect. Thanks @Martin_Webster

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Currently using the Hifberry 20v/80w power supply with an RPi4 Dac2HD and Aamp60, no mains lead is supplied.

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