Power switch for RoPieee question

I have two RoPieee instances, one running on a 3B and one 4B. I know RoPieee is intended as an “appliance” and can be left on, but I unplug them when I know they won’t be used for a while. I’m concerned about file corruption and would rather they smoothly shut down if possible. My questions are: is that something I should be concerned about? And if so, I’ve seen some (kinda hacky) switches that can be added, with a bit of scripting, that will initiate a clean shutdown. Would something like that be compatible with RoPieee? Thanks for any advice y’all have!

You can cleanly shut down using the web interface. Not sure if that is scriptable, but I remember @spockfish saying something about a REST API. That should be easily scriptable.

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Thanks for the help! I had totally missed the shutdown option in the web ui. While a hardwired switch would be cool, going to the admin site is easy and if there’s an API available, you’re right: scripting something would be straightforward. Thanks again!

Some added info: there is an API project on Github: GitHub - RoPieee/roon-extension-http-api. Unfortunately it doesn’t support a shutdown call, so looks like I’ll be using the web ui for the time being.

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I’ve just been looking at the code for the web ui and it looks like the OK button in the shutdown dialog points to:


So providing you know the url of your device, unless I’ve missed something obvious, it’s relatively easy to shut it down.

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Is that still the case with the new, image-based RoPieee?

If you’re asking me, I’m using RoPieee 2022.03 (0126).

Thanks Dave. So yes… I can’t check right now, but I remember with the old version, doing a GET on that URL was causing a shutdown. That’s an unfortunate design. GET should never have side effects on resources.

It’s convenient, in this context, but I take your point. Perhaps @spockfish has a specific reason for doing it this way rather than using some other method. I’m assuming you mean POST rather than GET, but my knowledge of web design stops at html, css and a bit of javascript and php.

Yes, it should have been a POST or a PUT. Still scriptable, and semantically correct.

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Nice, thanks, I’ll test that tonight. Too bad RPi doesn’t support wol.

Can confirm, the godown GET call works great. Thanks Dave!

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I think Ropieee runs 100% in RAM, so file corruption due to sudden power loss is not an issue.

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My thoughts entirely (and meant to post yesterday!)

I ran an RPi that I turned off on a daily basis using one of these on/off switches. Essentially it’s the same as unplugging the Pi, just less crawling on the ground! I never experienced any file corruption problems. I’d be interested if anybody has experienced such problems.

I also have a couple of these on/off switches that I use with RooExtend Pi’s and never had an issue with them either.

Now I would never do that on a Roon server :see_no_evil::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yep, I have one of those too, but as my RPi is now under our bed it’s a bit inaccessible so I tend to just leave it running, but have set it to reboot once a week.

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The only reason I turned mine off was that it powered a Topping D10s DAC and I wanted that turned off at night. My set up’s changed now and the only RPi that I have left is now powered on 24/7. Occasionally I reboot is, just for fun!

Mine’s running into a DragonFly Cobalt, so not too much point in turning that off :slight_smile:

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Can’t remember the last time I turned off my main DAC.

Why bother? They don’t use hardly any power when not being used (or really, even when being used) and solid state doesn’t wear out.

I know that it didn’t need turning off. For better or worse I have a peculiar shut down routine at night, and that was part of it. We all have our idiosyncrasies and foibles!