Power tends to corrupt (RaspPi + RoPieee)

I love the giant-killer nature of the Pi + RoPieee (plus a HAT and HQPlayer NAA… ok, we complicate things), but the one thing I don’t like is that if I need to power it down (like if I’m moving gear around, or if I’m testing it with another system, etc…), it often won’t boot back up properly.

The RoPieee web interface will come back up for a moment, but then it goes down again, and there’s no network connection.

Sometimes I’ll unplug/plug it in a few times, and then it’ll come back. Most of the time tho the only solution is to reflash the SD card.

I always make sure the ethernet cable is connected when it boots, and I do go into the web interface to select “shut down” but that doesn’t always ensure that it boots up again.


You’re not the first to make the observation :wink:

Absolute power absolutely makes the situation worse.

Seriously, I avoid the issue by rarely powering down outside of updates. I do remember having issues when I was first “playing” with RoPieee, so pulling plugs, etc. Generally I find the endpoints really reliable.

Speaking truth to the raspberry! Amen!

Agreed, and I’m generally very happy with them.

But was wanting to test the Pi/HAT with a different system, and I kept putting it off because I was nervous about this very thing.

Sure enough, reflash was needed.

The added bummer is that I built a case for it out of walnut, and it requires some dismantling to get to the SD card. Working on a new case design that makes everything easy to get to without unscrewing the case.

(Anyway, that’s beside the point… just wondering if there’ s a way to prevent SD-card sadness when power cycling.)

SSH onboard and issue a shutdown now command?

Or you could press the “Shutdown” button at the bottom of the Advanced tab on the Web interface…

yep, from first post:

i’m gonna have to do some learning on the whole SSH thing

Power it with a powebank :wink:

I also keep spare microsd ready to go and swap / reconfigure when it misbehaves. I find that faster than troubleshooting when it decides to not come back.

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yah, i flashed a second one this time.

But I guess this is just one of those things, small price to pay, etc…

Even possible from the comfort of your tablet/phone

Nothing beats a terminal session :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have Termius installed on my phone :rofl:.

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One of mine gets powered off after every use don’t want the lights blinking as its in the bedroom, never has a single issue. I do have an inline power switch perhaps that helps. Comes back every time no issues.

On the Pi that has the HAT, it uses the HAT’s power supply. (This was the one I was wanting to move around with and test.)

On the plain-jane Pi, there’s a little added jumper on the power supply with a red power button. This seems to work pretty well.