Powerconnector and input voltage on NUC7i3,5,7

Does anyone here know what type the powerconnector is on the NUC7 series is it 5,5/2,1 or 5,5/2,5?

On the backside of a NUC it says 19Vdc by the power inlet but I see on many pages including Intel that 12-19Vdc is supported anyone tried to run it on 12Vdc for example? I guess there is a switching DC/DC converter inside so it will not affect the power usage.

I use my NUC7i5 with a external ZeroTone power supply with 19 Volt

Do you know what size the connector is? I think it is 5,5/2,5…

Can you describe the PSU you use, what transformer and voltage regulator card.

Do you mean ZeroTone or ZeroZone?

IHi Frederik

t is this one:

Because I come from germany I use the 230 Volt version.
The standard connector comming with the power supply works with the NUC


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