Powered Speakers for use with ROON / Node 2i

I am replacing an Audio Pro D1 that died after about 6 months (Audio Pro did not support me; Punted to Amazon even though Audio Pro was the Amazon seller. Very disappointing.)

I started out looking for ROON ready speakers (Elac Z3, for example), but I realized that since I have a Bluesound Node 2i in the room I can use anything with RCA inputs (to use the Node’s DAC) or Toslink/Coax inputs (to use the speaker’s DAC). I currently use the Node for listening via headphones.

Obviously, this opens up lots of possibilities. My budget is around $500.


If you have Ethernet the Elac z3 you mentioned works perfectly with Roon as a simple single box solution. I have 2 currently, one in the kitchen and one in the office. Will be adding more when/if I catch them on sale. Found the last one for 299.00 on the Elac website in Nov/Dec last year.

Thanks Mike. I am seriously considering that speaker. I like the fact that it is ROON ready. I am also thinking about a pair of Klipsch R-51PM speakers. I like the versatility of this speaker. I can connect to my Node 2i and use the RAAT in that unit.

You could consider Ruark? I haven’t heard the MRx but the MR1 MK2 are surprisingly good for their size. Or, at the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, maybe secondhand low-end Genelecs?

So where do you buy Ruark in the U.S. ?

Good question, it’s not obvious - might be worth dropping them an email.

I bought a set of Audioengine HD3 for my computer speakers and have been very impressed with the sound. they are only 60W but they have other models like the HD4 and the A5+ that have 120 and 150 watts respectively. there is also a base version to the A5+ that has only 3.5 or RCA inputs (the other version also has Bluetooth) They are all right around that $500 dollars mark. HD3 is around $350 the others are right around $500.