Powerfull enough for MQA unfold? - NUC6i5SYK

I can by a used NUC6i5SYK with 8gb ram for a very good price. Is it powerfull enough to unfold MQA?

I am only streaming Tidal

More than powerful enough. That machine will do 2 x DSD without breaking into a sweat if you chose so it should be fine with MQA which is less demanding.

I am using a NUC5i3 with 8GM and a m.SATA SSD and Tidal unfold is perfect.
It also downconverts DSD128 and even DSD256 (I only have one or two) down to DSD64, as well 24/384 to 24/192.
So a NUC6i5 is more than capable.

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I bought it. Any tips for setting up the ROCK server?

The Roon Knowledge base is a very rich source of information on this and other setup activities. It’s not immediately obvious it’s even there if you are in the Forum, and it isn’t exactly easy to browse, but most questions you’ll have are addressed in there. And you’ll get a much richer understanding of how Roon works overall.

Yes, just follow the instructions.
You may want to set the BIOS up for quiet running with min fan usage at the expense of performance, depends on where it is going to be sitting - backend with media or frontend with playback equipment?

That was to easy (: ROCK up and running. Now I just have to wait for the Allo DIGIONE SIGNATURE. Ordered it today