Powering devices without remotes

What I try to build is an extension that makes my power amp a slave device of my Roon endpoint. Meaning that when the endpoint gets out of standby the extension notices this and switches on the power amp as well. This will give a great integration, when I press play the endpoint and amp wake up and the music starts. No need to touch any other remote control :cool:

So the trigger I want to pick up is the power state of the endpoint. If that’s not available yet I will start off by using the play state (stop, play), in order to have a proof of concept.

i think you want to add multiple standby/convenience-switchers and attach them to your zone, so when you play in roon, all things just turn on.

check out the devialet extension + the source control api

Hi @danny,

I checked out the source control API. I like how it integrates in the Roon UI and it provides the functionality I need for the idea I described above.

But what I am wondering, is there also an interface available that switches all devices within a zone into standby? I would like to have a ‘single button’ power down as well.

no, since different devices can be different types of standby. You will get 1 button per device.

OK, thanks for your quick reply.

Then at the device level, is there an API that provides switching a single device into standby (e.g. by providing an output_id)?

It is advertised for the Transport API, but I cannot find it:

  • transport

    This service let’s an extension manage and control zones. This includes
    actions such as zone grouping, transport controls (play, pause, next, prev,
    etc…), volume control, standby, etc…

For my Alarm Clock extension I would like to add the possibility to switch a device into standby at a certain time. I can imagine that a function like this would only work in combination with Roon Ready devices.

can you give me a github issue on that api? i will get it documented/exposed. it does exist in the protocol

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That’s good news!

I just created an issue.

Thanks @danny for adding the new interfaces.

I can now switch my Roon Ready endpoint into standby via an API call!
The next feature of my Alarm Clock is known :slight_smile:

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