Praise for Roon Developers

OK, Roon is imperfect, and we often strike problems with metadata, particularly with Classical genre.

BUT, my experience with support has been excellent and they have generally solved problems that arise.

AND I must praise the developers for the way the system is evolving so it is relatively easy to track down albums and to edit for personal taste. I say this because, frustratingly, there seems no consistency in the way artists are displayed from metadata. My preference is for the first artist preference to be given to the soloist in a concerto, then the conductor and maybe plus the orchestra. However most metadata lists the orchestra first so editing is needed to change that. After downloading it sometimes requires a bit of sleuthing to find the album to be edited, but the various options available in Roon do make discovery possible.

We often become perplexed with editing and bitch on abour Roon deficiencies in this area so, with good cheer and Xmas warm feelings in mind, I thought it appropriate to post up some praise. Bottom line is that despite some problems, Roon is an excellent program for organising and listening to music.

Well done guys :slight_smile: