Praise for Roon

I don’t know where to put this but since opening Roon, it has just worked perfectly.

The Tidal integration is great. Example, if I select an artist by typing on the keyboard rod (Rod Stewart) it shows the albums I have, then as I scroll down, the Faces albums I have he is on, then albums he has colaberated on?Then tidal albums which seem to exclude albums I have ripped copies of, then singles etc.
This is amazing as anything you want (almost certainly in the mainstream) is just a few click and scrolls away.
Tidal certainly fills the holes in a library very well.

The one thing I noticed is that if you hit the space bar as you type for an artist, the audio pauses (Short Cut) it cought me out a few times and I am learning.

Well done all, part of me wishes I had a bug to report, but I don’t. Chris

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Glad you are enjoying it! This is only the first round of our Tidal integration, expect more greatness in the future from our relationship with them. They have been very good about giving us the raw data we need to build experiences like this.

There has been much debate about the space bar feature, which pauses/unpauses the playing music.

I think although most people do run into this exact situation, they felt that the convenience of having the space bar pause/unpause quickly outweighs the bad that they get from accidentally hitting it when typing in the browsers.

i curious how roon knows how not to duplicate albums in Tidal that you have in your personal collection. I assume you’re matching Rovi IDs from local files to Rovi IDs in Tidal?

@woodford – not Rovi ids, but yah, you basically got it.

We have our own metadata service that uses rovi as a subset – so to use rovi exclusively would not serve us well.

Tidal does not provide us Rovi mapping for their music, because we do an even better job at that matching than they do. we get raw metadata dumps from Tidal.

We do have the data you’re talking about (ID equivalence between Tidal and several other metadata sources, including Rovi–this is something we build ourselves), but we don’t use it for duplicate detection–turns out that if you do, it is a little bit too aggressive in identifying duplicates.

Check out this post for an explanation of how our duplicate detection works.

thanks Brian, appreciate the explanation. fyi, the linked post is marked Private.

Sorry about that. This is what I meant for you guys to see:

The criteria for automatic duplicate detection is not related to the idea of releases–we tried this approach in an earlier iteration (pre-alpha) and it led to a lot of confusion. Currently, we automatically detect a duplicate when two albums have the same title, artist, and set of track/disc#'s in their track listing.

Also, in general, we want to be conservative here, because duplicate content is pretty difficult to access, especially for a new user–discovering that stuff is missing unexpectedly is a nasty surprise. This means that Roon will automatically detect duplicates only when they are obviously fungible.

Here’s a nasty (but very common) example that plagues many popular/significant albums:

These are considered different releases of the same album by all of our metadata sources–but they’re clearly not the same thing. One is a boxed set with a bunch of extras, and one is…Bitches Brew as I’ve known it forever.

I don’t have this problem, luckily.
But In between exploring my wonderful new world of Roon I have been obsessively trawling the ever-growing posts here.

One thing has struck me and that is the speed of response, transparency and detail supplied when problems are found.

I know you’re probably still on the initial adrenaline euphoria but I find it both reassuring and refreshingly different from most support experiences I’ve endured for quite some time.

Saying thanks seems inadequate.
But I’ll say it anyway - Thanks

Thanks @HerbertGoat! We’ve actually been like this for the last few months, since we split out of Meridian and have been back on our own. It feels good to be control our own destiny again, and do business how we prefer.

It’s been a tough last few weeks, and with half the team in Munich for the High End show during the launch, it’s been even harder. I’m glad a lot of you like how we do things. It always feels good to have your hard work acknowledged :smile: