Pre-cache my tidal library into Roon

hi @support,
not really a issue, but just some feedback and suggestion for an improvement.
i really miss a feature that pre-caches my tidal library into Roon.
tidal allows downloading of tracks in their apps so surely they should allow roon to do the same?
the thing is, my ISP has a ‘fair use policy’ and is limited to 1TB a month.
tidal used my monthly allowance within 25 days last month and i had to turn the internet off for the last 5 days to avoid a fine.
so a cashing feature or offline downloading of tidal tracks would help a lot.

That can’t be right… No way could you stream 33 Gigabytes per day

I just Googled this :

According to the Tidal website, listening at ‘High’ sets the quality at 320Kbps, the same as Spotify, so you’d be using approximately 1GB of data between 9 and 5.

On Tidal, you can switch from High to Normal and listen at 96Kbps, consuming 720Kb of data per minute, 43.2MB per hour and 0.34GB over the course of a day.

Hi Jaap,

I know what you mean, thats what i thought as well… was a bit shocked to see the data usage, but turns out Tidal HIFI quality , or Master where available… uses a lot. A 24-bit song with a 96kHz requires a bitrate of 4.39mbps, so that’s easily 15 GB per hour… So few hours music and another few hours netflix a day and 1TB is gone before you know it.

I could switch tidal back to 320kbps, but then again, i just love the extra detail, i rather see the Roon make a caching feature :slight_smile:

I thought the whole point of MQA was that it was a normal 16-44 FLAC that was then magically ‘unwrapped’ to 24-whatever ??

Edit : I sitll can’t work out the data rates… just Googled this re Netflix 4K :

“To stream in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, Netflix recommends you have a consistent minimum download speed of at least 25 megabits per second. That multiplies out to roughly 11.25 gigabytes per hour.”

Something is amiss here…

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Am I doing my maths wrong here?

  1. MQA streams at 24 bit 44.1 or 24 bit 48khz, then the wonders of the tidal app or whatever compatible dac do the unfolding to 96 or 192? Thus MAX streaming would be 24 bit 48khz

  2. Assuming the top whack at 24/48, that would be around 2.2mbps or 275kilobytes per sec (8 bits to a byte) thus you get max bandwidth of 0.275 x 3600 = 990mb/hour, which would lead into what Tidal and jaap74 suggest?

That bandwidth cap is quite nice @1TB/month! I consider myself a heavy user at around 300-400gb a month and we have a family of 6 streaming, downloading, you name it. All on mobile unlimited plan. You must be haemorraging data somehow in other ways… I’m not sure tidal is to blame. Netfilx of course is going to eat into the data like crazy…

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too much RedTube perhaps ?? :wink:

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anyone know what ports tidal uses for incoming and outgoing connections? Assuming Roon uses the same ports to connect to tidal too.