Pre-primed search fields based on Meta-data

When I first read about the Sooloos Music Servers, I got very excited when I read that Sooloos tags all the information about a recording as possible, including musicians, producer(s) recording engineer(s); etc. I imagined that it would be possible to search easily on this information. So for example you could pull up all the albums a particular drummer plays on, or all albums produced by the same producer as the album you are listening to.

This becomes an even more interesting possibility now that we have high quality streaming services that I believe have this information in their own databases. (I’m pretty certain that’s true for Qobuz).

What I’d like to see is this information already filled in search fields on a small form within Roon. Hit the search button next to a filled in field and Roon will obtain from the various sources available, all the albums that match that search criteria.