Pre-purchase question about Roon Server

I want to buy a Roon Nucleus, but am having difficulty getting a question answered. I have a 200 mb broadband connection to my house, but my music room is not hard wired for ethernet. I have installed a google mesh system. Here’s the question: Can I connect the ethernet out jack from the remote google mesh device directly to the ethernet jack on the nucleus server, Will the Roon Nucleus be able access the internet that way?

Bob (have my credit card ready)Rayburn

I am using an Apple AirPort Extreme inside my cabinet that receives wi-fi from my router on a different floor. I run a Cat6 cable from the Extreme to my Nucleus, also in the cabinet. Also services an AVR, Apple TV, and a Sony smart tv.

Has worked great for three years. Your method should – should – also work fine.

That said, the only way to know for sure is to hook it up. Roon offers a trial period.

Thanks Mike. Just what I needed to know.

FWIW, I built a NUC/ROCK. I have connected it to an Netgear ORBI mesh system much like your Google mesh, hardwired to the satellite via ethernet. Works great, so cautiously optimistic that yours should too.

I would suggest that the music be local to the RoonServer, that will cut down on network congestion.

The same connection also delivers Tidal and/or Qobuz integration to my Nucleus. FYI.

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