Preamplifier MCintosh C52 with Roon

Hi guys,

I bought a beautiful pre McIntosh C52 (with DAC inside) and I am very happy for the sound.
Actually I use a notebook with Windows 10 connected to C52 with top of the line Audioquest USB cable.
Using Roon app to manage my music catalogue in high definition the quality of the reproduction is stunning but I noted a problem, the beginning of each song is cutted. This is so frustrating… What I can do?
Thanks a lot and cheers everybody

It’s a known issue. If you search on these forums you’ll see some posts about it. I own a C52 and contacted McIntosh Support and their suggestion was to use different software which will introduce a delay at the start of the track, so basically a pointless response. I’d contact McIntosh and see if they have the same advice. I reached out when the Roon Tested press release went up, but still no joy.

Unless you have lots of DSD I’d suggest using the Coax input. I use an Allo DigiOne Signature to stream to the Coax input, and an Allo USBridge to stream to USB if needed.

Hi Mike

thanks for your kind answer… I wrote to McIntosh support. I’ll let you know about their answer.

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