Prefer Qobuz FLAC over MQA when quality is >=

Is there currently a way to prefer FLAC over MQA when a comparable quality version is available? I find Roon prefers Tidal over Qobuz in its radio which means that if a 44.1/24 Tidal MQA and 44.1/24 Qobuz FLAC is available Roon will pick the former. I suspect this is true even if Qobuz has a version that is strictly higher quality (eg; 96/24 Qobuz FLAC vs. 44.1/16 Tidal FLAC) but I’d need to verify it to be sure.

One suggestion I’ve heard is to set Tidal to HiFi instead of “master” but then that means that:

  1. If Qobuz doesn’t have the track then I’m stuck with the CD quality FLAC instead of higher res MQA
  2. If Tidal has a higher res MQA I’m now getting the lower res FLAC.

Anyone know if this is possible?

This is the only option currently