Preference or Settings Request

I love Roon first. There are two things which would make it more enjoyable for me:

  1. Add a “General Settings” entry to regulate the time the opening quotes appear (I hate not being able to finish it before it disappears)
  2. Add an option for recommendations to be sourced only from my library.
    I know a lot of people use a streaming service, I do too. I also have a large library and sometimes I forget what’s in there.

Great suggestions. Was thinking the exact same thing today about the quotes!

+1, particularly for the first one.

Although the 2nd would be handy too - I’ve got a load more discs to rip soon and already have ltoo many that I haven’t listened to.

Do you mean recommendations or roon radio for 2.?

Agreed. I don’t often restart Roon, but when I do it would be nice to be able to read the quote in a more leisurely fashion.

Recommendations central to my library. I use Tidal but have a large library too. Sometimes I want to re-listen to my stuff so I can load it to portable sources.

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If you want to read the quotes, they were hunted down by @Marin_Weigel and are available in a text file to download.

It is nice there is a file, but for me reading the quotes as they appear is part of Roon. I remember the first time I opened Roon, I said how cool.

The request to change the time if display has been rejected in the past so this is your only choice for extended time :slight_smile: