Preferred albumart

At the moment, during import roon picks up an albumart using his own criteria.
i’d much more prefer the possibility to specify a user specific filename (cover, albumart, front, etc) to look for.

This should be possible. Look in Settings->Library->Import Settings. There Artwork source is selectable

That’s there but roon seems to pick up just the first embedded artwork it finds in a file. If more than one image is present it’s lost on roon. Like if you have a cover (front) and cover (back) embedded - roon will ignore the second one. At least extracting those images from the files would be nice. And/or giving preference to Cover (front) images.

I have not tried this with more than one cover art image so I would not know unfortunately. There may be a difference in embedded vs separate files. Under Settings->General there is a ‘Allow for more covers and photos?’, but I do not know if this affects the cover art logic. Sounds like a bug to me…

I couldn’t figure out what “allow for more covers” is supposed to do but since “more” is often better I had switched on already. :slight_smile:
Well, it probably works as built - take the first picture found in a file and use it. Everything beyond that might be an enhancement. A bug would be better: that would have to get fixed … :wink:

Yes, let’s alert @mike on this. He’ll know if this is expected behaviour or a bug :slight_smile:

Seems @mike is too busy to answer our little problem now, so I guess we’ll have to be patient…

I’ll wait ('cause I think I like roon, anyway) … :slight_smile: