Preferring Local files over Qobuz streaming

In many cases, I have a local FLAC version of an album I’ve purchased (not from Qobuz but Bandcamp for example). I will likely have also added that to my Qobuz library as a favorite.

If I click play on a track or album that’s in this scenario, which version is played? Can I change a setting such that Local files would be preferred?

Roon has some rules which often do the right thing.

But if not, you can control it. (I assume that in this case, the various versions of the album have been grouped as Versions - again, Roon often does the right thing automatically, if not you can edit.)

You will see the album listed once, representing the group of Versions. One is marked as Primary, that’s the one that is played by default. If you want to play another version, click on the Versions tag, click on the version you want, and hit play,

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Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know about the Versions feature. I think that generally solves my question. In fact, Roon was doing the right thing all the times I remembered to check.

You can also change which version you want as the primary. Roons rules are based on sample rate, local Vs streaming. So if your have a version at 44.1 and the streaming equivalent on Qobuz is 88.2 then it will choose Qobuz over local as it deems it higher quality. If you have a local MP3 of one and a local flac it will choose the flac. If you have both flac and same quality it will pick local over streaming. However it does occasionally get them wrong.

At the Album view under „Versions“ you can decided which one is your primary version. Roon will play that one.