Preferring Tidal versions

First, please know that this is my first post and I will be the first to claim that I don’t know all the protocols of this community. I hope nobody shames me for doing this incorrectly. I’m just trying to find a place to post my question/suggestion regarding Roon and Tidal.

I’m new to the Roon experience. I appreciate high quality digital files and streaming. I have a fairly large library and about 60% of my files are in substandard MP3 lossy format. Since I “own” these files and maintain a premium subscription to Tidal, wouldn’t it be great if Roon included a feature to automatically add lossless files from Tidal to my library when there’s a match with the MP3s I already have and make these the primary version?

If this is the not the right place to post this inquiry, can anyone suggest where I should send this? Again, I’m new to Roon and this community.

Thanks!, dh

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It’s a bit off topic, but quite easy to explain.
When you are displaying one of your albums, just click the text ”Versions” and Roon will show what (if any) versions are available on Tidal:

Hi David,

I moved your post into its own thread so we can continue the discussion without going off topic in the other thread.

As Mikael pointed out above you should find Tidal versions in the Versions tab. As I understand it, Roon will choose the best version as the default Primary. If your local version is mp3 then I would expect Roon to make a CD quality or better Tidal version the primary version.

Also new to Roon, but I have the same problem. Roon does not select the higher res Tidal versions of my albums and I can’t find any way to change a setting to have this done for all albums or even on an album-by-album basis. If I select the low-res version, a settings menu lets me delete the album (“make primary” and “remove from duplicates” are grayed out); if I select the Tidal version, there is no settings menu.

You have to add Tidal versions to your library before you can make them primary. If you add higher res Tidal versions to your library than your local versions then Roon should default to them as primary.

I have to say I have the same problem. What I really truly want is to be able to set a default that:

  1. I have a lossy version
  2. there is a tidal (or quboz) version that is better
  3. that higher quality version is transparently preferred to my lossy version unless I specifically go and play it

Basically what I’m saying is that the fact that I have a lossy version typically means that there’s a signal that I like a particular artist, album, or performance. But the situation that I’d want to listen to it is a RARE exception if there’s a better version available.

I know that’s technically possible. Do others agree it would be desirable as default (or configurable) behavior?