Present Queue List / Smart Mix feature

I used Logitech Media Server for quite a long time and was in favour of the Echonest/smartmix feature (until Spotify killed it).

At present I only listen to my NAS music collection.
When selecting a title and selecting the Roon Radio option the system will generate songs automatically. Perfect!
The queue list however shows only 1 song i.e. the song which is now playing (and above the songs played). The Roon Radio frame on the right shows the next song to play. This is a very limited design.

Please implement in Roon:
Extend the queue/playlist! Generate automatically a playlist for 1-4 hours. Based on its intelligence Roon already generates a sequence of songs but the system doesnot show it. And the queue page has plenty of room!!
This would give users the opportunity to control a playlist in advance.
To my opinion… a quick win to improve Roon.

Nope, it is just choosing the next one.

You can sit there thumbs up/down suggestions to build your own list to create the 2 hour playlist. Which is just the inverse of “dump a bunch of songs which you then have to review and remove the ones you don’t want”.

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