Preserve artwork in unidentified albums

A request re the identification process:

Feature Request to have Picture and Version Edits survive the identification process.

I ask this because I lose any concocted artwork inserted into an album which is later identified. The identification loses any artwork I do. That artwork does appear embedded in the data if I change the artwork after the album has been identified.

The bottom line of this is bit seems that if I have a Roon crash, some of the concocted artwork (in unidentified albums) will not be reinstated from the backup.

It would be nice if all albums were identified as this problem would no longer occur BUT having some of them recognised by ROON, particularly in a large classical set, is virtually an impossible task. A lot of this problem is due to the constant re-issue of albums and sometimes into very large sets (like some of the Brilliant ones) so is likely to be with us for quite some time. Meaning there will always be albums in Roon that are never identified. Soi, preserving our artwork is a relatively important and pressing issue.