Presetting volume before playing

Hi all, just blasted out the house at 6.00am because the volume jumped back up to last night’s volume.

The volume setting in Roon for my Roon Ready speakers was left at 57 from last night. This morning, on the laptop, I reduced the volume to 20 before I started playing the radio. However when I pressd play, the volume automatically jumped back up to 57.

Can anyone guide me in not blasting out the house in the mornings and not scrabbling about trying to quickly turn the volume down.

set volume limits…

you omitted any details of your setup so cant really offer much else.


Hi, sorry about that - I posted it in the general forum before I realised I should have posted it here.

Here is my setup, let me know what else you need - thanks Wizardofoz

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Dell Inspiron 17 3000 Laptop with Intel Core i5 with 8gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On WIFI 4 router averaging 30mbs

Connected Audio Devices

Bowers & Wilkins Wedge, linked to internet with ethernet cable. Connecting to Roon via Roon Ready

Number of Tracks in Library

21,317 tracks

It happened again this morning but my end volume of last night was 30 so didn’t blast the house out as much!

I haven’t set any volume limits because I don’t need to limit the volume overall. I only want to reduce the volume first thing in the morning where I try and set the volume at 20 but as soon as I press play, the volume jumps back to the volume level of the last time it was played.

Hey @Tim_Clegg,

Thanks for following up with details. And thanks @wizardofoz for chiming in.

I don’t believe there is a better solution than setting volume limits for the device, as @wizardofoz has said. Maybe you can consider setting comfort limits, which you can bypass by using the + and - buttons. We explain all the ways you can use volume limits here:

Thanks @beka however, unfortunately that doesn’t appear to have fixed my issue.

I set the comfort level at 20 and then, last night, increased the volume to around 30. I closed down the laptop and then this morning, after opening Roon, I decreased the volume to around 17 (within the comfort zone) and played the radio. As soon as I pressed play, the volume jumped back up to 30, outside of the comfort zone.

What else can we try? I’ve tried looking at the log file from this morning and wonder if the following highlights the problem?

02/14 06:00:41 Trace: [Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge @] [raatclient] SENT [94]{“request”:“update_volume”,“value”:19.5}
02/14 06:00:41 Trace: [Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge @] [raatclient] GOT [94] {“status”:“Success”}
02/14 06:00:41 Trace: [push] restarting connection (Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.)

have you made sure the B&W firmware is up to date?

Morning, I’ve check and yes, everything in the B&W Wedge is up to date.

wondering if you have perhaps a firewall issue blocking anything from windows and back again…try turning it off and see how then.

Hi @wizardofoz and @beka, I tried again this morning going from 50 to 20. I turned my firewall off before I changed the volume. When I played the radio, the volume jumped back up to fifty - I still have the comfort volume setting at 20.

Would you like the log from this morning? Here is the specific line where I set the volume to 20 before playing, but I can’t see what happens after that:

02/18 06:06:36 Trace: [Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge @] [raatclient] GOT [21] {“status”:“Success”}
02/18 06:06:39 Warn: AddTopLevel: popup_zone_volume(1715)

A further look and think this is the time when the volume automatically jump back up to 50:

02/18 06:06:54 Trace: [System Output] [raatclient] GOT [5] {“status”:“Success”,“controls”:{“volume”:{“max”:100.0,“step”:1.0,“type”:“number”,“value”:54,“min”:0.0,“info”:{“config”:{“device”:“default”,“type”:“wasapi”}},“mute”:false}},“action”:“Changed”}
02/18 06:06:55 Warn: AddTopLevel: popup_zone_volume(1715)
02/18 06:06:55 Warn: AddTopLevel: popup_zone_volume(1715)
02/18 06:06:56 Trace: [Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge @] [raatclient] SENT [36]{“request”:“update_volume”,“value”:50}
02/18 06:06:56 Trace: [Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge @] [raatclient] GOT [36] {“status”:“Success”}

Hey @Tim_Clegg,

Thanks for your patience while I checked on this with our partners team to find out the expected behavior and potential next steps.

It’s important to note that Roon isn’t setting the volume to what it previously was. This is being done by the speaker itself — that’s why setting a comfort limit didn’t help.

We’re reaching out to Bowers & Wilkins ourselves, but if you could, it would help tremendously to get their insights into what exactly is wrong with the speaker.

Hi @beka , I have contacted B&W and will let you know what they say.

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Hi @beka , have you had any luck your side from B&W? I haven’t yet other than an update that the ticket has been passed to their R&D department.

Hey @Tim_Clegg,

Thanks a lot for keeping us in the loop.

On our end, unfortunately, we haven’t heard back from B&W yet. We’ve emailed them on the last day we talked and have done so again today.

Whenever we hear back, we’ll share what we know :relieved:

Hey @Tim_Clegg,

In the interest of transparency, I didn’t want to waste a moment to let you know that we just heard back from Bowers & Wilkins ourselves.

While they didn’t have an exact timeline to share, they confirmed they are aware of this issue and it is in the queue for development.


Many thanks @beka, I haven’t heard back from them myself so thought I’d give you an update to pass on to them.

I’ve recently added the Formation Flex to my setup and I’m having the same issue with this new speakers too - which would suggest it is a platform / B&W software issue rather than a speaker issue.

Hey @Tim_Clegg,

I appreciate you circling back on this. I have to say, I am dismayed the issue doesn’t seem to be device specific…

I’ve shared the details you brought up with our partners team. They are the ones who are in touch with B&W.

Fingers crossed this is getting at the top of B&W’s list :crossed_fingers:

Hi Tim,

Wes from the Partners team here. I’ve sent an email to them in hopes that nudging from our side will help spur movement. Beka or I will let you know if we hear something back.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kindest regards,

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