Pretentious question: Can Roon sort by file quality?

Asking for a friend. Could one sort by DSD, 24/196, etc?

Thx in advance.

Yes, you can focus on those qualities … and bookmark those focus settings if you want.

For example, Albums > Focus > Format

You can also stack the different versions of an album and set your favorite master or bit rate as the default for that album. That version then always gets played when you play that particular album.

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Question already answered above, but you must have experienced HD remasters/rereleases of albums that sound worse than their ‘CD quality’ original releases? The question of ‘quality’ then becomes nothing to do with bit depth and sampling rate, just your preferred version.

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I agree. And in an album stack you can manually select which version you want as the primary/default version.
Ie always at the top of the stack.

I find it very handy to use.

Could you please describe how to do this?
This sounds interesting, especially if you have multiple versions of one album (remastered, deluxe, said, etc.)

You can see it in action in a Roon trial, all you need to do is make sure show hidden albums is off. Roon scraping does it by default.

Here is an example of a stack of grouped albums. Roon will do this automatically for albums that it clearly sees as the same. Alternatively you can manually group alternative versions together.

Once grouped you can select which one is the primary version. In this example the 2012 48/24 version trumps the original CD, DSD and Anniversary versions.

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I agree that is the best version!! :star_struck:

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