Prevent Roon from playing something after my selection is complete

You might want to have a read through this in idle moments, you might find features that would be useful.
“Roon Labs Help Center | Home”

Great idea, perhaps it could be an excellent new revenue stream for Roon.

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You can download music, store it to a drive, and upload it to the core. Do you mean a direct download and storage. I would think that would be more at risk of file loss.

Robert that’s exactly what I do.
I was pretty much suggesting a new revenue source for Roon while showing user’s where the different options to buy are. You could still copy the music back to your Nas or PC


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Understood. You should post it up over on the Feature Request page. I think its probably more complicated dealing with streaming revenue. Truthfully, I would rather see Roon avoid it and stick to program development. You start to branch out into other aspects of the business and you get mediocre results overall. The speciality stuff is just that.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

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There’s just a few threads suggesting this…
Going back a bit

There used to be a site called: “Find HD Music” that was funded in part by Qobuz, that no longer exists. What I would like to do do this in two phases, the first would be a “Find Similar” for download that might allow a couple search criteria. This would show sites with music available for purchase. Roon could get a fee for each “click through”. This technology is very well known.

The second phase would be to download from the site to Roon Core. That would be wonderful, but would be more complex in some respects.

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