Prevent / warn against adding duplicates to a playlist

Is there a way to prevent Roon from adding duplicate tracks to a playlist?
I know it’s possible to clean up duplicates after, but I’d love to be warned when adding a song that it already exists.


Hi Vanessa, this sounds like it is a Feature Request. If you want I can move the thread to that area.

Oh, that would be great thanks. I wasn’t sure whether it was existing functionality that I just didn’t see, but if it’s a new feature request that works too. I think Spotify does something similar to this, they show a dialog if you’re adding a duplicate to allow you to confirm/deny whether you’d like to add it.

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I’d like to second this request.

Yes, please.
A warning “This track is already in the target playlist. Continue? Y/N” Would be better, because there are times when you might actually want dupes.


Agree. Basically do what Spotify does :grin:

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Adding my support to this request. A notification that you are adding tracks that already exist in that playlist would be a nice feature.

I would like to see this added as well

I would also like this feature

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I would also like this feature. It doesn’t seem to be hard to do.

I would like also to have this feature

Well, that depends on what you define as a “duplicate”. I personally add different versions of the same song by the same artist to the same playlist, and do all the time.

I’d be super thrilled with Roon Labs if they made this feature available. It is on every other platform that exists today. Different versions of the same song can be added and should not trigger an alert. However, if the same song is added twice to the same playlist, a warning should appear “This song already exists in {%playlist}, are you sure you want to add it again?” Y/N


+1 please don’t add duplicates.

And by “duplicate” I mean a song that is already on the list.

What’s worse is that Roon allows a Library reference and a Non-Library reference to the exact same track/version of a Tidal or Qobuz track in a playlist. These references will look different (different play count, Fav icon) etc. but they are the exact same track!

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Yes, this would be a very valuable feature. +1

still nothing after two years?


Bump! Topic is returning like bumerang “How to remove duplicates from playlists?” and ability to prevent duplicates would be more than welcome.


Yeah, let’s get this fixed. It’s a PITA to go through your playlists deleting dupes. It sure seems like basic functionality.